Santa Cruz Sentinel Latest Update

A few words on the latest from the Santa Cruz Sentinel:

*The comparison between the routes in the second picture does not appear to represent all factors of the new route, such as the new holding pattern over Santa Cruz or vertical profile, for example.

Of course many people under the new path report flights have been getting more frequent during all hours and louder. The use of speed-brakes (whooshing sound) is common.

One comment

  • Dear FAA, This comment represents the disgust of environmental ignorance that boastfully ignores the right of all humans and all other living things.
    The sanctity of the pristine nature of its creation, undisturbed for the love of peace and sacred life.
    Undisturbed to pave the disturbance throughout our air with turbulence and pollution with no solution but to dissolve all respect of what to expect for all our efforts to do otherwise in our every day lives and distrust of those that thrust the disgust and those of us that will woefully accept this distrust of our liberty and freedom to exceed all other achievements of stupidity. Those that seriously if asked by everyone, you got it wrong.
    I pray you are absolved of all your duty’s to protect and regulate our sky.
    Disrespectfully to your cause of no reason, I will seek other sky’s without lies.

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