New: Jet-Noise Complaint App for Santa Cruz, CA


Santa Cruz, CA has it’s own jet-noise apps.

For Apple IOS devices:
Check out the “Airplane Noise Reporter” to help you file reports on jet-noise with SFO.
Find more information here.

An alternate application for most platforms is also available:
It is a web-based system which works very well. If affected, push that button!
Find more information here:

Keep the complaints going if you are affected!
Also, why not let Farr and our local politicians know how this has impacted our large community!


  • Nice Work! This app is awesome! Any way you can add ‘’ to the CC line of the email so that the FAA is included in each complaint?

  • Any chance of getting an Android app?

  • Agreed. Excellent app. Very easy/convenient to use. Unfortunately is the most used app on my phone – but thank you!
    You know you’ve done something well when there are no complaints, but requests for additional features. Hopefully you can make it available on Android, and add sending to ‘’ as well. Would also be nice to cc anyone else, including ourselves to keep track of the specific complaints, in case we want to use as evidence in possible future litigation against FAA/SFO.

  • chris blanchard

    the airplane noise reporter which worked perfectly for months stopped showing any planes a few weeks ago. the odd thing is that my iphone app, and my wife’s both stopped working at the same time?

  • Noise has been getting quite a bit worse in the last few weeks. The app does not seem to work, and all complaints must be done manually. Is the app down permanently? I can barely get one complaint filed before another jet buzzes our home.

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