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The Sam Farr Survey

June 2, 2015 @ 8:00 am - August 31, 2015 @ 5:00 pm

Please register and complete the survey presented by the office of Congressman Sam Farr, U.S. Representative for California’s 20th congressional district.

We have abbreviated the link for you. Scroll down for comments.

Find it here:

His Letter:

Sam Farr

I have become increasingly aware a large number of residents have been affected by increased aircraft noise caused by the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) new flight paths over Santa Cruz County. Right now, I am working to convince the FAA to hold a public meeting on this issue so they can hear your concerns. To help the FAA understand how important holding that meeting is, I need to hear from you!
Would you please complete a brief survey that tells me the issues you face as a result of these new flight paths. If we can bring the testimony of the people of Santa Cruz County affected by this problem to the FAA it will help demonstrate the extreme urgency by which this issue needs to be addressed. Feel free to respond to the survey and have others in your community do the same. Let the FAA hear your concerns!

If you would like to invite others to take this survey, please send them this link:
Send this link


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Member of Congress


June 2, 2015 @ 8:00 am
August 31, 2015 @ 5:00 pm
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  • Hi, Re. the Sam Farr survey, the FAA focuses on the % of a community that is “highly annoyed” as opposed to “moderately annoyed” (see ). Also, many city noise ordinances (e.g. in Scotts Valley) focus on “offensive noise.” So, If the following applies to you, I recommend including it or something very similar in the “additional comments” box at the end of the survey: “I find the sudden dramatic increase in the incidence of loud aircraft noise at my home beginning March 5, 2015 to be highly annoying, disruptive, and disturbing. This noise is offensive and relentless.” If you are concerned about the large increase in aircraft emissions over your home, you could mention that too.

  • Planes relentlesly flying over Capitola. All day every day. Some flights every 5 minutes at night. Very disturbing.

  • I am awake again after midnight, again, after two very loud jets have just shaken my apartment. I’ve been trying to write down the times and the pattern is 2 planes between midnight and 12:30 AM, usually about 5 only apart. Who is the best person or persons to make a complaint too? Can anything be done about this?

  • Dear Sam,
    This new flight path is so disturbing, not only the low flying jets, rumbling, but the enormous amount of traffic.
    I have lived in my home for 33 years, gone through our share of natural disasters, but this by far is the most disruptive and
    manipulative on the part of the FAA to hoist this on us without meeting with the community, who is mosr affected by this flight path change. Also on July 4, 5, very high traffic and yes at 12:45 am low loud jets. Then this weekend, 11th & 12th again, heavy traffic, just when you think it will subside, another jet, and another 3 minutes later.
    Please help us get our lives back to why we live here. The old flight path was never like this one NEVER! I have made many complaints and even left a complaint on the FAA web site.
    Your help is so appreciated!

  • I am really getting angry about this! I used to hear the birds and the crickets, now I hear planes rumbling overhead multiple times an hour. The planes sound like they are flying low the noises are so loud. My beautiful quiet home in Soquel now feels like I live next to an airstrip, and yet I am an hour and a half away from SFO. How can they do this to our community??

  • It’s a constant thunderous parade. Even at night with my windows closed it sounds like a thunderstorm. Sometimes they’re so loud, items are knocked off the shelves. And I’m only at around 700′ altitude, in the woods; I can’t imagine how bad it must be for people in more exposed locations, on ridge lines, or near the summit. Even down in Soquel or Capitola it can be bad; my wife reports that her teachers at Cabrillo College have had to stop class as jets pass overhead. My son and daughter report frequent interruptions with instruction at their elementary school, Vine Hill School. But the main thing for me is that this is not what we signed up for when moving to the woods, and we enjoyed privacy and quiet for many years before this started. It’s one thing if you move to an area known for noise, such as near a highway or railroad tracks. But to suddenly introduce intolerable noise like this is inexcusable. It must have come down to a single person’s decision, and I’m sure there are thousands of residents who would like to pillory that individual. It’s not fair for one person to cause thousands so much distress.

    And I say all this as a person who LOVES airplanes and a good roar now and then! Just not every two minutes, all day and all night.

  • I have owned my house in the Santa Cruz mountains for 20 years. Up until recently, our neighborhood has been a tranquil place to live. The new flight pattern set in place by the FAA in March has added a consistent roar from the planes that never seems to let up. Even when all the doors & windows are shut, we can still hear the racket from above. It is no longer enjoyable to be outdoors and I feel like I now live next door to the airport. I have no doubt that the property values will suffer with this
    extremely offensive noise pollution ever present. Please help us mitigate this very distressing situation foisted upon thousands of unsuspecting residents by the FAA.

  • Dear Mr Farr and the FAA

    How did this insane change in flight pattern get decided without any input from our community? This seems incredulous.
    I have lived and worked on the Eastside of Santa Cruz for 18 years and although we have wrestled with other unpleasant problems, this is by far the most frequent and constant interruption of my daily life. The roar of jets flying so low and so frequently every day makes life in our beach town far from pleasant. How is it that this is helping anyone? What was wrong with the previous flight pattern? Who’s idea was it to change this and who is benefitting as we suffer the consequences?

    Many of us live here even though it is expensive and amid other issues because we love to be outdoors in a beautiful surrounding. Since this new circumstance I find myself wanting to be inside with all the windows closed which is the opposite of why I struggled to make my life here. This is highly unfair to the citizens of this town. We chose not to live near an airport even though it is inconvenient when traveling yet we are bearing the brunt of SFOs noise pollution.

    Please put this at the forefront of your agenda to lobby for a change so that our lives can get back into balance.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Suzie Lundgren

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