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May 27, 2015 @ 8:00 am - June 28, 2015 @ 8:00 pm

Please consider signing the online petition at

The following text was pasted from the petition:

Objective: Have the FAA roll back the newly implemented Star arrival route SERFR One to the old route Star BIG SUR Two until an Environmental Impact Report has been done and the residents of Santa Cruz County have had a chance to review and comment on the Report.

Reason: The Environmental Assessment (EA) stating the change in jet arrival paths to SFO would have “No Impact” on our community was created within the FAA with the help of Atac Corporation and implemented without public outreach or comment by the residents of Santa Cruz County. It is believed the EA was flawed in its assessment of “No Impact” based on the increased noise level that is being experienced since its implementation day of March 5, 2015 when the route change took place.

Facts: Santa Cruz County is geographically complex. From sea level to 3,786 feet at the highest point, our mountains are filled with valleys and ridges. Noise created by jet engines as they arrive over Capitola wharf and traverse the SERFR One route flows into and around this complex area like water. Sound is amplified on one side of a valley or ridge and completely muffled on the other based on the terrain.

Summary: No actual data was collected and analyzed by the staff responsible for creating the Environmental Assessment. The FAA has no understanding of the impact that this route change has had on the residents of Santa Cruz County. The hasty implementation of SERFR One has been a travesty for our residents, wildlife, businesses and visitors that come to Santa Cruz for peace and relaxation.

Please join us in requesting the FAA return to BIG SUR Two until further data and discussion can be exchanged!



May 27, 2015 @ 8:00 am
June 28, 2015 @ 8:00 pm

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Save Our Skies, Santa Cruz


  • The new jet path is driving me crazy!

  • The old jet path was tolerable because it was spread out. Now it is ridiculous how frequent the jets pass over our house day and night. Anything contributing to noise pollution in the Santa Cruz Mountains should have had public input.

  • Who ever is responsible for making the decisions of where the fight pattern routes travel, I would like to recommend that you put them over your own neighborhoods, then I would like to hear your feedback.

  • This air traffic is insane. Talk about disturbing the peace! We paid for peace and quiet so now what?

  • Yesterday was a typical day: wake to the sound of aircraft at 5:40 am. At 12:30 am that night, listen to a one jet after another passing overhead. It’s one thing to choose to move to a neighborhood next to an airport. Something else to have the airport flight path move to you.

    As I understand it the change was made to simplify tracking planes; and so the airlines could conserve fuel. Surely we have the technology to track planes?!

    Saving a bit of fuel — I can understand how the airlines would appreciate that. On the other hand, I don’t get to cut corners and drive across people’s lawns to save gas. Not sure why airlines suddenly get to do the equivalent across my property. Far as I can tell this is a direct “theft” from people along the new flight path, into the pockets of airlines along that route.

    The old flight paths spread the sound pollution out a bit — surely a fairer plan.

    If indeed there are compelling gas savings, somehow in the public interest, I’d suggest the airlines donate all of that savings to such alternatives as the much-discussed fast train between LA and SFO.

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