The FAA responds, or does it?

After hearing all of our concerns on the new FAA NEXTGEN SERFR1 route, and at the request of Representatives Farr, Eshoo and Speier, the FAA details an initiative to address noise concerns of Santa Cruz/Santa Clara/San Mateo/San Francisco Counties.

The following document was released by the office of The Honorable Anna Eshoo:
We cached a copy here.


A quick analysis of the document reveals no references to commitment or timeline. At first glance, the document appears to be the Executive Summary of a more detailed document. In this case, the Executive Summary also appears to omit insignia(s) or signature(s).

If these assumptions are correct, maybe it is possible to obtain an unabridged version of this document from the office of Representative Eshoo, since this version was released from that source?

NextGen may be placed in the hands of a non-profit managed by a board of aviation users


Since the proposed corporation would be “managed by a board of aviation system users, funded by user fees,” this seems like a giant leap backward, which I didn’t realize was possible. Congress and the US president just might pass this. You could contact your US Rep, US senator, or the President about this. Contact info is at: and .
One ray of hope though: Europe uses this model and has substantially less lenient aircraft noise standards than the US. I don’t know how that happened.

Here’s an excerpt from the article linked above:
“After examining various models, I believe we need to establish a federally chartered, fully independent, not-for-profit corporation to operate and modernize our ATC services,” he [Bill Shuster, chairman of the committee on transportation and infrastructure] added.

“The proposed corporation would be managed by a board of aviation system users, funded by user fees, and would prioritize the maintenance of the day to day functioning of the ATC system while prioritizing NextGen implementation, according to an outline of the bill released by Shuster.

“Two sectors of aviation, commercial airlines and business aviation, have expressed conflicting views of the bill. Airlines for America (A4A), with the exception of member carrier Delta Airlines, has expressed strong support for creating a separate entity to manage the ATC system and the continued deployment of NextGen. However, the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) has launched a “Call to Action” asking its members to oppose ATC privatization. NBAA CEO Ed Bolen has referenced the reality that, in other countries that feature ANSPs separated from their civil aviation regulatory agencies, business aviation operational communities have problems with access to airspace.”

New: Jet-Noise Complaint App for Santa Cruz, CA


Santa Cruz, CA has it’s own jet-noise apps.

For Apple IOS devices:
Check out the “Airplane Noise Reporter” to help you file reports on jet-noise with SFO.
Find more information here.

An alternate application for most platforms is also available:
It is a web-based system which works very well. If affected, push that button!
Find more information here:

Keep the complaints going if you are affected!
Also, why not let Farr and our local politicians know how this has impacted our large community!